3 best preacher curl exercise variations on adjustable weight bench

3 best preacher curl exercise variations on adjustable weight bench

The EZ Curl Bar Preacher's Curl is the most popular form of the Preacher Curl and the safest to use. The partially supine grip reduces wrist strain. You can also use it with a weight bench or folable bench. (Even better if you have an adjustable weight bench.)

While EZ Curl Bars are equally good, they may not be for everyone or you just want to switch. That's where dumbbells and barbells come into play. With dumbbells, you have more freedom of movement, wrists and elbows.

In addition, dumbbells provide a comfortable grip, supine, and neutral grip. While the EZ curl bar only allows for a comfortable grip (in fact, the angle of the EZ bar partially neutralizes it).

Also, believe it or not, there are some gyms that don't have preacher curl benches or machines.

Below are 3 different preacher variations that will get your biceps ready for flexibility:

  1. Dumbbell Preacher Curl:

This works similarly to the EZ Bar Preacher Curl and works similar muscles from the same angle. The difference is that you hold the dumbbell with both hands. This will increase your strength in one area. and makes you more aware of the imbalance between left and right strength.

  1. Preacher Weightlifting:

The barbell curl on the preacher's bench is almost identical to the different EZ curl bar. with one key difference The EZ Curl Bar's wave design is easy to grip and helps reduce elbow strain. But if your elbows are in good shape You can lift more weight with this variation. It also helps avoid the cheating curls that often occur with standing weightlifting. (Although it's not a bad thing.)

The wrist has to work harder to stay neutral. It requires more grip and stretches the forearm.

  1. Close Grip Preacher Curl:

There is an option for tightly gripping preacher curls. This workout is done using dumbbells, EZ pull-ups, or barbells. All are good and depend on your taste and whether the joints match the equipment you're using. focus on long head


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