Are adjustable benches good for bench press?

Are adjustable benches good for bench press?

Are you ready to invest in an exercise bench but can't make the right choice?

Fear not, young Padawan.

It may seem like a difficult decision, but it really depends on what you value your exercise bench. and how you want to train

Dive so you can choose the right weight bench right from the start!

What can I use on the weight stand?

Simply put, there are two types of weight benches: flat and adjustable.

flat bench

The most basic option for a home exercise bench is a flat exercise bench.

Flat weight benches generally cost around $200-300 for budget models.

These days it's become pretty standard for a well-padded, flat bench. strong steel construction and built-in wheels for easy portability

But even if you spend a few hundred dollars. But that doesn't mean you should reduce the weight capacity of your exercise bench.

Benches that hold less than 500 pounds are unreliable.

Think about it: If you're a 200-pound lifter using a 225-pound bench press, you're already over 80% of the total bench weight.

Bench press exercises place a loaded barbell against your neck and (maybe) endanger your life unless you have a very reliable safety system to hold the barbell in case of failure.

But if you don't exercise regularly at world-record weights or don't like working out too much at home. (No judgment here.) A budget version alone is fine.

adjustable bench

If you value versatility An adjustable bench is the right choice.

That's because an adjustable exercise bench can do everything a flat bench can do. but can be adjusted to other angles as well

So whether you like multi-angle bench presses Do chest support rows like the Skull Crusher or enjoy seated shoulder presses. The adjustable weight stand can do it all.

Most of them can be adjusted to 1-2 low angles, 1 fully flat angle, and 5-10 tilt positions until the back plate is fully vertical.

For $300-$500 budget options, we'd recommend something similar to the flat specs mentioned above.

Make sure it's made of solid steel, has wheels, and can hold 500 pounds or more. You should be able to adjust at least 5 angles.

Flat or adjustable commercial benches

It is worth mentioning that both these types of benches tend to offer commercial versions with premium upgrades.

Whether it is thicker steel, greater weight, better padding or wider base Some people appreciate that the bench is almost rock solid.

That said, it also comes with a higher price tag. Most commercial benches cost between $500-700.

Commercial-grade flat benches are at the lower end of the range. and commercial adjustable benches are located near the top.

All of this together makes for a more stable, more comfortable, and heavier bench.

Should you get a weight bench?

Now we've covered the types of exercise benches and the budget and premium options. Here's how to decide which one to choose.

What is your training style?

The first thing to consider when deciding on a weight bench is your training style.

For example, you're interested in weightlifting or weightlifting in the Olympics. Do you prefer compound training or focus solely on bodyweight training?

If your favorite training style, such as Olympic weightlifting or bodyweight training, doesn't include bench press on a regular basis. There's no point in buying it.

On the other hand, if you are training to lift weights The bench press is one of the three exercises tested in this sport. Therefore, it would be very foolish not to buy an exercise bench.

or if you are fond of bodybuilding You'll probably be greatly impressed by the variations on the bench press, overhead press, and rows you can achieve using the adjustable bench press.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose a Weight Bench

Finally, it would be foolish not to consider the budget here.

For some people, commercial-grade benches with little touches aren't what they care about.

If it sounds like you We recommend choosing a flat or adjustable bench that fits your budget better.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to buy something else that is over-structured or supports heavy work. A commercial scale may be the right choice for you.


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