Can dumbbells fall apart?

Can dumbbells fall apart?

yes. As we've seen, dumbbells, like any other gym equipment, should be treated with care. Failure to do so could cause harm not only to them, but also to your people and the environment around you.

If you use dumbbells, use them carefully, do not drop them, carefully set them down and store them in the right environment.

Dumbbells are very durable, wear-resistant and built to withstand a lot of punishment, but normal wear and tear and abuse can take their toll at times.

Let's take a look at some of the ways a dumbbell set can break to make sure your dumbbells are intact and functioning properly.

We've all seen videos on Instagram of people "squeezing" outrageous amounts of weight in gruesome form at the gym, screaming, and lowering the weights to the floor. Sure, this kind of action can get you a few likes online, but it's also a great way to break a set of dumbbells.

Regardless of how durable the weight is and whether or not it has a rubber coating, there is always a risk that the dumbbell will break when struck hard against the ground, especially if the base is particularly hard or the mat is thin.

Banging dumbbells against a hard surface can cause tiny cracks or chips that may not be noticeable at first.

However, after a few months, this damage may start to show. Also, as soon as one crack or chip appears, the next hit will do much more damage, eventually shattering it completely.

One of the main reasons gym floors have rubber mats is to protect the free weights used by gym goers.

Again, no matter how hard a dumbbell is, it will take some damage if dropped on a hard surface like concrete.

To be honest, dumbbells are more likely to damage a concrete floor than they are to damage themselves, but the more you do, the more damage your dumbbells do.

You're unlikely to see a commercial gym with concrete floors, especially in the free weights section, but if you're using a set of dumbbells at home, probably in a garage, invest in a set of mats or very carefully lower the dumbbells when you're done.

To be honest, if you can work with dumbbells, there's no reason you can't carefully set them down when you're done.

By far, the main cause of broken dumbbells is dropping them. For your safety, never drop dumbbells unless absolutely unavoidable.


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