Can I build muscle with only dumbbells, barbells, and adjustable weight bench?

weight bench
You can train your body with weight bench, and especially for the adjustable weight bench. This is an old fashioned way of training bodybuilders.

The most basic exercises are:

weight bench
  • Horizontal Press Chest/deltoid/triceps
  • Vertical push-ups Deltoid/triceps/chest
  • Lateral Pull-ups Back/Biceps/Forearms
  • Squat Variation Quadriceps/Glutes/Lowers
  • Hip hinge movement Achilles tendon/butt/hip
  • Biceps curl biceps variation
  • Skull Crusher Variation → Triceps
  • Pullover pattern → Back
  • Scheme of Adding Side Lifting Subtracting Sides
  • Rear delta fly transformation → Rear delta fly
  • Chest Fly Variation → Chest
  • Calf raise pattern Calf
  • Crunch form → Abdominal muscles
  • Shrug pattern Top Trap
  • Wrist curl/stretch forearm


adjustable weight bench

When it comes to training We have three pillars.

The first is intensive training:

You want to make sure that each set is hard enough for your body to adapt.

The second is training volume:

If you don't exercise enough You don't have to get stronger/bigger. even if it's hard

The last is gradual overload:

The body adapts to the stimulation of the training. If the stress remains the same The body becomes less adaptable over time.
So you need to increase the reps or weight of your bar.


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