Can I use an adjustable bench for bench press?

Can I use an adjustable bench for bench press?

Are you ready to invest in an exercise bench but can't decide which one to choose?

Fear not, young Padawan.

It may seem like a difficult decision, but it really depends on what you value on the bench and how you train.

Let's start by helping you choose the right weight bench right from the start!

What can a weight bench do?

Simply put, there are two types of weight benches: flat or adjustable.

flat bench

The most basic option for a home exercise bench is a flat exercise bench.

In general A flat weight stand will cost about $200-300 for a budget model.

It's pretty standard these days for inexpensive, flat benches with proper padding. strong steel construction and built-in wheels for easier movement

But even if you spend a few hundred dollars. But that doesn't mean that the gym bench should reduce weight.

We wouldn't trust a bench that weighs less than 500 pounds, and neither will you.

Think about it: If a 200-pound bench presses 225 pounds, it means they're over 80% of the bench's full weight.

Because bench press exercises involve wearing a loaded barbell around your neck, you (maybe) risk your life. Unless you have a very solid safety system to hold the barbell in case you fall.

But what if you don't work out regularly with world-record-breaking weights or enjoy overloading the equipment in your home gym? (No judgment here.) The budget version is fine.

adjustable bench

If you value versatility An adjustable bench is definitely a good choice.

The reason is that an adjustable exercise bench can do everything a simple bench can do, but it can also be adjusted to many other angles.

So whether you prefer bench press angles, do chest rows like the Skull Crushers, or just sit and shoulder presses. The adjustable weight stand can do it all.

Most of them can be adjusted with 1-2 bevels, 1 perfect azimuth. and a 5-10 incline position until the back plate is fully vertical.

For budget options between $300 and $500, we'd recommend something similar to the flat specs listed earlier.

Make sure it's made of solid steel, has wheels, can hold 500 pounds or more, and has at least 5 adjustable angles.

So we have answered your question whether it is possible to place the bench press on an adjustable weight bench.


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