Do adjustable dumbbells break easy?

Do adjustable dumbbells break easy?

Have you ever met a lifter who turns a dial or pulls a pin before lifting a dumbbell and asks himself, "How do adjustable dumbbells work?"

Adjustable dumbbells are the fitness equipment industry's response to customers who want to save space from heavy steel or iron dumbbells and save on wooden or tiled floors.

Although it looks difficult at first, the adjustable dumbbell set with rack is relatively easy to use. Let's take a closer look at how adjustable dumbbells work, the pros and cons of these dumbbells, and whether they're worth buying.

Adjustable dumbbell structure

The basic layout of all types of adjustable dumbbells is the same.

Bar/Handle: A steel bar or handle is usually at the center of an adjustable dumbbell. Each side of the bar has an extended piece of material (usually metal) that holds the external weight plates. (Like the picture below.)

External weights: External weights available for adjustable dumbbells vary by type. Some adjustable dumbbells come with loose weight plates that are miniature versions of what he uses on barbells. Others feature uniquely shaped weight plates that lock into place with a turn-and-hook mechanism.

How do adjustable dumbbells work?

How adjustable dumbbells work depends mainly on the type you are using (traditional versus modern adjustable dumbbells).


Ever walked into a friend's garage (or your own) and tripped over a stack of little weights, his plates and iron bars?This is an old fashioned adjustable dumbbell.

Depending on how much resistance you need, add or remove small weight plates by loosening the fasteners at each end of the handle.

Not so much with these OG adjustable dumbbells. Not surprisingly, their simplicity has inspired many home-made alternatives, including broomsticks and garbage bags filled with water.

Despite their simplicity, traditional adjustable dumbbells are simple and durable. Spend the extra money on steel handles and rubber-coated plates and your weightlifting equipment will last a little longer.



Let's be honest, traditional adjustable dumbbells lacked convenience, versatility, and overall his WOW fitness factor. Seeing the obvious need, many fitness brands have worked to create modern adjustable dumbbells that are more efficient than their predecessors.

Most of the best adjustable dumbbells today are based on the turn and hook model. All external weight plates fit into a solid base in a pyramid-style order from lightest to heaviest.

External weight plates attach to your bar handles by simply turning a crank or switching pins. The days of unscrewing fasteners, removing weights, and adding weights are long gone with the introduction of modern adjustable dumbbells.

Two of the best examples of modern adjustable dumbbells are the BowFlex 1052 dumbbells and the Power Block Pro series dumbbells.

Pros and cons of adjustable dumbbells

Let's take a closer look at what makes adjustable dumbbells great and why you should avoid buying one.

Strong Points:

Initial cost: You're just starting out in fitness and want to buy enough dumbbells to support your fitness journey for the next few years. In most cases, a 5-60 lb set will suffice. With this in mind, the initial cost of adjustable dumbbells makes them attractive.

The price of a single adjustable dumbbell varies depending on the brand, locking mechanism and materials used. However, in general, you can expect to pay between $400 and $500 for a single adjustable dumbbell ranging from 5 to 60 pounds, or a collection of adjustable dumbbells totaling the same amount.

For example, you can buy one pair for £5-30 and another pair for £30-60.

SPACE SAVING: Modern adjustable dumbbells are incredibly convenient for those who don't have a lot of space at home. Are you having a hard time imagining how much space you need for adjustable dumbbells? Put this way, enough space for a small to medium microwave oven is enough.

Considering how little space these dumbbells take up, you can easily store them in closets, under raised beds, or behind sofas, to name a few.


Equipment Malfunction: With more moving parts, the chances of malfunction increase, and it doesn't take long to find dozens of user reports of modern adjustable dumbbells failing during use. The most common malfunction of adjustable dumbbells is the locking mechanism not engaging. If you're lucky, this usually tends to happen to most people once the warranty expires, making it expensive to repair.

Risk of Injury: Continuing with the points above, there is a risk of injury if the external weight plates are not properly engaged and locked in place. For example, weight plates can fall on your head or feet. A 20-pound dumbbell plate hitting your foot can seriously injure you.

Do not be rough: Unlike fixed dumbbells that can be thrown to the ground after heavy sets, adjustable dumbbells cannot be dropped or thrown. Powerlifters aiming for maximum s will no longer use them. If you drop adjustable dumbbells, they are guaranteed to break, and some warranties cover mechanical damage due to manufacturer defects. Anything other than malfunctions is not covered.

Clumsy Holds: The first thing you'll notice when using adjustable dumbbells is how clumsy they feel compared to fixed dumbbells. Additionally, some exercises may not be possible depending on the brand and handle length. For example, you can't perform a supinated bicep curl correctly if the bar handles are long.

Fixed dumbbells vs. adjustable dumbbells

Convenience is great, but some people may prefer simplicity. This is where stationary dumbbells come in. A set of stationary dumbbells may require more space and a larger initial cost, but will be a better investment for several reasons:

THE REAL PRICE: Fixed dumbbells may be expensive at first, but the way they are made almost guarantees they will last longer than adjustable dumbbells.While you're paying for adjustable dumbbell repairs, fixed dumbbells are It's his one-time payment. Therefore, fixed dumbbells actually cost less than adjustable dumbbells in the long run.

Durability and longevity: Stationary dumbbells are heavy-duty parts of steel or iron finished with a very tough powder coating and are used in industrial machinery. For example, stationary dumbbells are made to withstand a single blow, so you can throw them or drop them without finding a scratch. This high level of durability will allow you to use your stationary dumbbells for years. Trying the same thing with adjustable dumbbells... it doesn't work.

RELIABILITY: Fixed dumbbells are one solid piece of metal. No spinning or cranking dumbbells. Just pick them up and use them. They are simple and reliable. Adjustable dumbbells, on the other hand, have to be put down, dialed, lifted, and repeated.


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