How do you do preacher curls on an adjustable bench?

foldable bench

The definition of preacher curl

A preacher curls his hair on a weight bench designed to sit with his upper arms angled slightly inward. This biceps curl variation lets you work your biceps without using the rest of your body. Sitting and keeping your forearms locked into the pad promotes engagement of your biceps and increases your growth potential.

foldable bench

How to make curly preachers with good style

Note: This Precaster curl style uses an EZ curl bar with handles underneath.

Sit on the foldable bench or adjustable weight bench (which is better) and adjust the height of your seat so that your upper arms and chest touch the cushion.

Lean forward and grab the E-Z-bar, which should be placed on the front bar rest. with a shoulder-width underhand grip

When your arms are outstretched Keep your chin up and your wrists neutral.

Squeeze your biceps, bend your elbows in curls. and raise the bar until it is shoulder height

foldable bench

Make sure your upper arms are in contact with the pads throughout the exercise.

Slowly lower your arms to the starting position. reset and repeat


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