How to choose a dumbbell bench?

How to choose a dumbbell bench?
Dumbbell benches are often used to assist dumbbells to complete some routine fitness actions, such as: incline dumbbell bench press, decline dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbell flyes, etc. This type of targeted fitness action cannot be completed without the assistance of a dumbbell bench, and it is named after the function of the dumbbell bench.

The difference between the adjustable dumbbell bench and the conventional stool is that the dumbbell bench is adjustable, so that people of different body types can complete the exercise in a standard manner.

So how to choose a dumbbell bench?


The structure and materials of the dumbbell stool are very important. It must be strong and stable. Some stools have many functions, but they are very wobbly to use. The leather on the stool surface must be thick, otherwise it will crack and fall off in a short time.


Whether the length of the dumbbell bench is suitable for our own height is different for each person.

The height of the stool must be appropriate. Make sure that you don’t feel too high when doing bench presses, and don’t feel too short when doing dumbbell rowing. Generally speaking, a height of about 50 cm is more appropriate, and the stool surface It has to be long enough, otherwise it will stick out from the waist down, which is very uncomfortable.

How to train the adjustable dumbbell bench?

Practice parts and movements:

1. Chest exercises include: dumbbell bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, dumbbell fly, dumbbell incline fly, dumbbell decline fly.

2. Back exercises include: one-handed dumbbell rowing, push-up and push-up.

3. The shoulder exercises include: sitting dumbbell press, side lying one-arm dumbbell lateral raise.

4. Arm exercises include: sitting single-arm curl, supine dumbbell arm flexion, and sitting dumbbell neck and back arm flexion.

5. Leg exercise movements include: sitting dumbbell lifting.

6. Abdominal exercises include: sit-ups, sit-ups with calf benches.


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