Is a weight bench necessary?

Is a weight bench necessary?


A workout bench is one of the most understated pieces of home gym equipment. In fact, many newbies are so modest they don't even know if it's worth buying. However, if you're a beginner and don't want to miss out on muscle and strength gains, you'll need to make a careful decision.

Your home gym should have a bench for the bench press. This is a great exercise to build muscle and strength in your chest and arm muscles. A weight bench is not required for those who do not plan to bench press at home.

I put off buying a bench for as long as I could.

At the time, I had a gym membership, so I just wanted to spend the money on other equipment instead (a bench seemed like a boring buy!).

But boy, how wrong I was.

It turned out to be one of my favorite purchases.

That said, not everyone needs a bench, and there are pros and cons to getting one for your home gym.

Let's explore these.

If you're serious about training at home, at some point you'll want to consider buying a weights bench.

But then often questions arise and rear their ugly heads.

Is it worth getting a bench?

In general, the workout bench is suitable for his home gym. Benches are very reasonably priced and allow you to perform more exercises than without them. This makes a workout bench essential for anyone looking to build muscle and strength.

I emphasize the words "essential for building muscle and strength"

Because not everyone wants to build muscle.

Here are the main types of weightlifters and why you should/not get a workout bench.

If your home gym goal is to increase strength and power, having a bench is a good idea because it provides a stable platform for lifting heavy free weights. If you want to, pick a weight bench as soon as possible because it helps you maximize your angles, range of motion, and weight bearing. , the weight bench may not be needed.

A variety of exercises should be performed to build maximum muscle mass and definition.

Ideally, these exercises should target the same muscle groups at different angles.

For example, flat dumbbell presses are great for increasing chest size, but adding incline dumbbell presses is even better.

Additionally, you also need to lift through full range of motion (ROM) to build maximum mass and definition.

ROM describes the ability of a joint to go through its full range of motion.

People like to use dumbbells over barbells because dumbbells allow for maximum ROM.

But to really get the benefits of full ROM, you need a bench.

For example, the dumbbell bench press provides full ROM, but the dumbbell floor press only provides partial ROM. This is to ensure that the floor does not allow your elbows to drop below your torso.

Therefore, it is worth having a bench in your home gym if you use dumbbells, and a good physique is a top priority.


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