Is an adjustable bench worth it?

Is an adjustable bench worth it?

When it comes to weightlifting benches, you have two basic options. Flat or adjustable.

Although they look similar at first glance, there are actually big differences in price and features.

Compare flat and adjustable benches to help you make the best purchase decision.

Flat Bench Vs. Adjustable Weight Bench: What's the Difference?

Exercise benches provide a stable, elevated platform that can be used to perform a variety of free weight and bodyweight exercises.

There are two main types of benches: flat benches and adjustable benches.

A flat bench has an elevated platform that is fixed parallel to the ground. Platforms are usually large rectangles of uniform width. Often a support frame with two legs (usually made of steel) supports the platform and connects it to the ground.

Adjustable benches, on the other hand, feature an elevated platform that can be set in a variety of positions. Potential positions include flat, tilted, tilted, and seated. An adjustable bench has an articulation point between the "seat" and "bench" portions of the instrument. The support frame is generally wider and thicker than the flat bench frame to support stability in various positions.

Potential benefits of flat benches include:

  • There is no gap between the bench and the seat, which may make the lifter feel more comfortable
  • Flat benches are less adjustable and therefore more stable
  • Flat benches are generally lighter than adjustable benches, making them easier to store and move.
  • These advantages make the flat bench an attractive choice for serious lifters looking for extreme comfort and stability during movements like the barbell bench press. A flat bench platform may be a little thicker than an adjustable bench platform which is more comfortable for wider build lifters.

Potential benefits of adjustable benches include:

  • Ability to safely perform exercises from a flat, inclined, lowered, and/or seated position
  • Many adjustable benches include foot anchors for better support during exercises such as the Decline Bench Press, Decline Sit-up, and Decline Russian Twist.
  • An adjustable bench is a great option for lifters who want both comfort and versatility. With a quality model, there is little difference in stability and comfort compared to a flat bench.

An adjustable weight bench may be the best choice if you plan to do a variety of exercises. This is really worth it.


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