Is an adjustable weight bench worth it?

adjustable weight bench
adjustable weight bench

In the world of home gym equipment, the difference between buying a flat or adjustable bench can make or break your bottom line. I would appreciate it if you could refer to those who want to know the difference between the flat bench and the adjustable bench. So you can make an informed decision about which one to buy.


So which one do you recommend? And for whom?

Most people make better use of adjustable benches than flat benches. Flat benches have the advantage of being safer and more stable. But it lacks the mobility of adjustable benches Adjustable benches fit most people's needs and offer greater overall benefits. Unless you are doing very heavy bench presses or high power lifting. Adjustable benches are better suited to most people's needs.

Let's take a closer look at the features of the flat and adjustable benches. So that you can better understand which bench to buy.

Features of the flat bench

adjustable weight bench

For Flat Bench There are several distinctive features that make it stand out.

stronger and more stable

Flat benches are used in weightlifting competitions when performing bench presses. This should be an indicator of its strength and stability. Why does the powerlifter use them if this type of bench is not the strongest?

What makes a flat bench stronger than an adjustable bench? Looking at the simple bench design. The convertible bench has two separate backrests and seat cushions. This causes instability as the body has to balance on two separate objects of his, but in reality the uniformity of the flat bench makes the chair less wobbly.

Second, the leg that supports the flat bench tends to be more stable. Firmly holds the floor with a thick non-slip rubber grip. Because the adjustable bench has a separate cushion. It should also be able to move between different positions, from tilt, horizontal to horizontal. The distance between the legs should be increased. This means that the supporting legs are farther apart, making the bench unstable.

one long cushion

As already mentioned the adjustable bench has an independent backrest and seat cushions. A flat bench has the same cushioning, but this doesn't just affect the strength and stability of the bench. This gap can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to lift.

This is because the gap may be too wide. This can cause discomfort when lifting and can be unsafe if you are trying to lift heavy objects. But this is definitely something you should know.

Flat benches get around this by having just one cushion. this is much more comfortable to exercise

tend to be short

Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage is up to you. If strength is your number one goal, you may want your bench to be low enough to keep your center of gravity and feet firmly planted on the ground for support. especially on the bench press

For Petite People Being short can be a good thing. Tall people might not like it. Some people don't like high benches because they are uncomfortable to lift.

Features of Adjustable Bench

A detailed explanation of what an adjustable FID (Flat Tilt Decline) bench is and how to use it. See my article What is FID Bench? Explanation of what FID Bench means!

An adjustable bench has several key features that make it an excellent choice.

Choose more exercises

Because adjustable benches can be adjusted to multiple positions (usually 6-7 reps), there are many other exercises you can do with an adjustable bench. You can use the adjustable bench press for incline, lie and bench press.

The effect of choosing more exercises cannot be overstated. Its adjustability allows you to hit muscle groups from absolutely impossible angles. This means increased strength and size. There are many exercises that can be derived from this feature. And this alone makes an adjustable bench a better option for most people.

longer seat pad

Although separate cushions and backrests have their drawbacks. However, adjustable seats have one advantage. Cushions tend to be longer than flat seats. Obviously, this method is suitable for tall people. But even for people of normal height. This will be an advantage, or at least more comfortable.

We know that longer cushions mean more safety and comfort on the bench. I average 5 feet 10 inches and I hate benches that are too small. (width or length), knowing that adjustable benches tend to be longer is a plus for me.


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