Should I get an adjustable bench or flat bench?

Should I get an adjustable bench or flat bench?

Aussies spend an average of $1,140 a year on gym memberships, including weight benches and other lifting equipment.

Whether you're decorating a commercial gym or trying to get your own home gym, it's important to equip it with the right equipment. A bench is one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment you can own. But should you choose a flat bench or an adjustable bench?

A quick comparison was made to aid in the decision. Read on for more information.

flat bench

At first, you might think that flat benches are worse than adjustable benches. More restrictive? So why choose one?


Because flat benches have no moving parts, they are usually stronger and more stable than adjustable benches.

The strong foundation below makes the job easier and safer in all respects. This is an important factor if you plan to lift heavy objects. This is why powerlifters use flat benches when bench pressing in contests.

The adjustable bench is divided into two parts: seat and backrest. Not a big difference, but this causes a bit of instability. This also provides additional comfort when lying flat. Again, not a huge difference, but you can notice it when you do certain exercises.


The biggest drawback is obvious when compared to flat benches. Because flat benches are not adjustable, they are more restrictive in terms of the variety of exercises you can perform.

They are also generally lower than the ground. It has advantages if you want to maintain a low center of gravity and keep your feet firmly on the floor. Sometimes people, especially those taller than average, find the low bench a bit inconvenient.

adjustable bench

Adjustable benches work well with many other home gym equipment. Adding one to your home gym gives you the freedom to add a variety of exercises to your workout.

Lusper offers several adjustable benches that allow the backrest to be set in multiple positions, from vertical to completely flat. Most benches have adjustable seats to allow for comfort during any movement.

An adjustable bench is the best choice if you're more focused on comprehensive exercise than you can maximize a specific exercise.

what should i buy?

There are some questions you can ask to determine what is best for you.

Want to lift heavy with some exercises like bench press and chest press? If so, a flat bench is your best choice.

Want to integrate other exercises such as shoulder presses, encline chest presses, or incline bicep curls? Then an adjustable bench is the way to go.


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