What do you use adjustable dumbbells for?

What do you use adjustable dumbbells for?

Home workouts offer convenience, flexibility and privacy, making it even more tempting to turn the gym into your living room. But as you turn to workouts at home, it becomes increasingly apparent that your local workout club has some perks: exercise equipment. Bodyweight workouts can be fantastic, but strength tools can help take your training to the next level.1

Thankfully, exercise innovators have developed adjustable dumbbells, a practical and highly effective solution to building muscle mass for health. So, if putting a lot of gear in your living space isn't an issue, this compact handheld device can solve your space problem. The best part is that it is versatile. This means you won't need to change out your exercise equipment anytime soon.2

Here's how to add it to your home workout routine.

Adjustable dumbbells can be particularly convenient for full-body workouts, allowing you to increase or decrease the weight as needed to work major muscle groups. Silverman especially enjoys moves like the bent strings that beginners "can't go wrong with."

Aim to do 10 repetitions of the following exercise. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Romanian deadlift

You will need two dumbbells to perform the Romanian deadlift, a deadlift squat combination move.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent.

Break your hips and lean forward to maintain a neutral spine. Next, move the dumbbells forward and spread them shoulder-width apart, but keep a strong core and back.

When you reach your knees, stop bending your hips and squat until the dumbbells touch the floor.

Finally, engage your glutes and hamstrings to return to a standing position with the dumbbell at your side.

triceps extension

You only need one dumbbell. It's usually a good idea to start with a lighter weight.

Hold one cupped dumbbell around a bar under one weight plate as if your hands are forming a collar with your palms facing up.

Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart, engage your core, knees soft without locking.

Position the dumbbell so that it drops directly behind you as you lift it overhead and lower it.

Extend your arms to fully lift the dumbbell, then slowly lower it. Bend your elbows and gently lower them behind your head.

When your elbows reach 90 degrees, slowly lift the dumbbells back over your head to the starting position.

Keep your spine neutral throughout the movement, engage your core, and keep your head in a straight line over your chest.


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