What dumbbells should I buy beginner?

What dumbbells should I buy beginner?

One of my favorites for my home gym was a set of dumbbells. A nice set of dumbbells will bring you that much closer to never having to use a commercial gym again. In my opinion, they are far more versatile and important than barbells and plates.

Dumbbells are a safer option than larger weights or bars, especially if you are training alone without an assistant. 

Also, another benefit is space-saving. There are many types of dumbbells on the market. That's why many people ask, "Which dumbbell should I buy?"

What types of dumbbells can I use?

3 basic types of dumbbells you can always see in the gym. Loadable consists of a small bar and a separate plate. Stationary has individual dumbbells for each weight. If it's adjustable, you can change the weight on the fly. All three types can cover a weight range from 5 pounds to over 90 pounds.

So which dumbbell should you buy?

After looking at the three different types of dumbbells available in the home gym, I'm still asking "Which dumbbell should I buy?" 

If you have spare room and enough money for a full set of individual fixed-weight dumbbells, just pick them up. If you have budget or space constraints, you can tailor our easy selection.

What dumbbell should I buy?

Beginners should start with a set of fixed or adjustable dumbbells that go from 5-pound steps to at least 25 pounds. Stronger lifters should look at sets of dumbbells that range from 5 to 50 pounds. Anyone building a gym for long-term use should buy a set that expands over time up to 90 pounds or more.


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