What happens if you lift dumbbells everyday?

What happens if you lift dumbbells everyday?

You're excited, you just PR'd your deadlift and you can't wait to lift again tomorrow. And in the next days and grandchildren, more exercise, more profit, more PRs, right?

Is it really good to break down with a barbell every day? Let's look at the pros and cons of lifting weights every day.

The benefits of lifting dumbbells every day

Key benefits of frequent weight training is the increased strength

  1. Getting Stronger Muscles: In today's episode of We explain that greater weight equals greater strength. In fact, frequency is just a variable. You have to tweak to get more.
  2. Stronger Bones: Weight training has been proven to increase bone mineral density. This is an important factor in keeping you physically active as you get older. In older people, lifting weights reduces the number of falls and fractures. In younger people, lifting weights prevents osteoporosis.
  3. Improved Endurance: Specifically improved muscular endurance. lifting weights often In sets, a higher number of reps (10 plus reps per set) improves the aerobic capacity of your muscles.
  4. Improved body composition: If you lift weights every day Lifting (or not lifting at all) can be a boost to your metabolism. Lifting weights burns a lot of calories per session. Stimulate Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and Build Muscle All of which can help your body slim down.

The drawback of lifting weights every day:

You may find it difficult to recover from exercise if you lift every day.

  1. Inhibited recovery: Perhaps the biggest scourge of daily strength training is that your body has no real chance of recovery. This can lead to over-injury or uneven muscle outcomes if you don't carefully plan your workouts. Breaking up your exercise routine can help with this problem. But the truth is Other forms of exercise Or getting a full day of rest can greatly benefit your body.
  2. Chronic pain: Lifting weights without allowing your body to recover between exercises can lead to chronic muscle stiffness. Delayed muscle stiffness (delayed muscle stiffness) unless you plan your exercises carefully and optimize your muscle recovery.
  3. Diminishing payoff: Lifting weights every day can get you to a plateau like a brick wall. If you don't control your exercise variables, such as weight, volume or range of motion, You will quickly find yourself struggling with diminishing returns.
  4. Boredom: If you're reading this, You're probably not the type to make work boring. but wait It can happen even to the most dedicated gym junkie. Especially when they do the same type of exercise day in and day out.


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