What size weight bench do I need?

What size weight bench do I need?

Workout benches, also known as 'fitness benches' or 'benches', are used in many strength exercises, often with weights for example this can be an upper body and lower body workout. The bench allows you to sit or lie down in a comfortable position to perform the exercise properly. So, there are many reasons to buy an exercise chair! But what do you think about choosing an exercise chair?



The biggest thing for the bench is the height. It should be long enough to support the rear support and rear headrest. The bench should be wide enough that you can lie firmly on your back without 'falling over'. This is because seats do not help with stability and safety while working. At the same time, their width should not interfere with arm movement. This should be high enough that you can lie on your back on the bench and roll flat on the floor.



According to the International Powerlifting Federation, this is the correct size for a workout chair.


  • Length: Over 122 cm long, flat.
  • The width is more than 29 cm or 32 cm.
  • Height: measures from the floor to the top of the pillow, not less than 42 cm and not more than 45 cm.


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