Should you use an adjustable bench for bench press?

Should you use an adjustable bench for bench press?

Features of the flat bench

Despite its simple appearance, the flat bench has some distinctive features that make it extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts. Here is a brief description of some of these features.

More strength and stability

The fact that flat benches are used for bench presses in weightlifting competitions is evidence enough of their unmatched stability and strength.

What makes these benches durable and stable? The answer to this question is simple: the backrest and sea t of the bench are one piece. There is quite a gap between the back and the back. One-piece design, so it won't wobble.

Another feature that adds stability and strength to a flat bench is the leg support. These table legs are made more stable thanks to the heavy metal construction and thick non-slip rubber grips that grip the floor. The compact construction of the flat bench allows for stability even with the thin leg structure.

uniform cushion

The only cushion used in flat benches allows lifters to concentrate on their workouts without having to worry about the distance between the seat and backrest. This gap can be especially uncomfortable when trying to lift heavier weights.

This top pad allows you to lie on the bench without worrying about the position of your lower back arch. The bench below supports your back in a fairly even manner.

little height

The low bench height is a huge advantage for bench presses where the center of gravity and feet are firmly on the ground. This will provide extra support. Especially if you want to lift a fully loaded pull-up bar.

However, this feature can be an obstacle for people of large stature who can use a tall bench to maintain ideal body proportions for exercising.

adjustable weight bench

Features of adjustable benches

The adjustable bench, also known as the FID bench, looks exactly like the real thing. This bench comes with a backrest and can be adjusted to tilt, flat or lower according to your needs. This versatile tool helps train different parts of the body and muscle groups and useful in many ways

We will discuss some of the outstanding features of adjustable benches. To help you understand why it is a great choice for most fitness trainers around the world.


The most important feature of an adjustable bench And perhaps the greatest advantage of the bench is its versatility. With back support that can be set at different angles, this bench allows you to do a variety of exercises. Back support positions are divided into horizontal, inclined and vertical.

It's no exaggeration to say that you can train in the best possible way from multiple angles with the help of this adaptability. You can train different muscle groups from different angles to achieve your precise fitness goals. Simply put, the versatility alone makes an adjustable bench a better choice for most fitness trainers.

adjustable weight bench

overall long seat pad

The adjustable bench comes with 2 separate pads, but this bench has a longer overall pad length than the flat bench. The longer mat length is obviously beneficial for tall people. But it is comfortable for people of normal height as well. Makes it easier to put your back on the bench.


Adjustable bench with wheels at the base These wheels make the bench more mobile to any position you choose. Just lift one side and slide the bench to the position you want. Mobility comes in handy when you're moving the bench around quickly. For example, you can pop out from under a squat rack, do several bench presses, then back up and do a reverse fly. Don't be nervous, on the other hand, horse. Sitting flat with no back wheels can be a pain in the neck when it comes to mobility.

shelf life

The mobility advantages of adjustable benches extend to storage capacity. However, portability is not the only aspect of storage capability. As you may have noticed The adjustable bench is quite compact. Allows you to store in confined spaces or corners. of exercise training area The gym doesn't have much space. So you can get more out of this feature.

Why is an adjustable bench a better choice?

Flat benches allow for more intense workouts and are definitely durable workout equipment, but do serious powerlifters prefer to workout at home with fewer components or equipment?